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I-11 & Intermountain West Corridor Study

Core Agency Partners
The Core Agency Partners that participated in this study are shown below, with hyperlinks to their websites.

Arizona Department of Transportation (Sponsoring Partner)
Nevada Department of Transportation (Sponsoring Partner)
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada 
Maricopa Association of Governments 
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Railroad Administration

Below are a list of projects related to the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study, with the general area and completion date shown in parenthesis, and a hyperlink to the project or sponsor’s website.  NOTE: While links to specified projects were valid as of June 2014, because the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study is now complete, links may no longer be available.  


Region-wide Projects

CANAMEX Corridor Coalition planning documents (Western U.S., Various) (link no longer available)

Hoover Dam Bypass EIS (US 93 Colorado River crossing in Arizona/Nevada, 2001)

I-10 National Freight Study (California to Florida, 2008)

I-15 Corridor System Master Plan (Southern California to Northern Utah, 2012)

Western High Speed Rail Alliance (Southwest U.S., Ongoing)

West-wide Energy Corridor Programmatic EIS (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY, 2008)


Nevada Projects

Nevada Inland Ports Viability & Funding Study (September 2012)

Boulder City Bypass

Connecting Nevada, Phases 1 and 2 (Statewide Nevada, Ongoing)

Goods Movement Study (2000)

I-515 Corridor Study (Henderson and Las Vegas, Study completed 2004; corridor improvements ongoing)

Nevada Statewide Rail Plan (2012)

Regional Transportation Plan (Northern Nevada, 2008-2030 Plan)

Regional Transportation Plan (Southern Nevada, 2009-2030 Plan)

Statewide Transportation Plan – Moving Nevada Through 2028 (Statewide Nevada, 2008)

Southern Nevada Transportation Study (Southern Nevada, 2003)


Arizona Projects

2040 Regional Transportation Plan Update (Pima County, 2012)

Arizona Multimodal Freight Analysis Study (Statewide Arizona, 2009)

Arizona Passenger Rail Study (Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties, Ongoing)

Arizona State Rail Plan (Statewide Arizona, 2011)

Arizona Wildlife Linkages Assessment (Statewide Arizona, 2006)

Arizona-Sonora Border Master Plan (Arizona and Mexico, expected completion late 2012)

bqAZ Freight Transportation Framework Study (Statewide Arizona, Ongoing)

bqAZ Statewide Mobility Reconnaissance Study (Statewide Arizona, 2007)

bqAZ Statewide Rail Framework Study (Statewide Arizona, 2010)

bqAZ Statewide Transportation Planning Framework Program (Statewide Arizona, 2010)

Business Plan (Statewide Arizona, 2012)

Commuter Rail System Study (Phoenix metropolitan area, 2010)

East-West Corridor Study (Pinal County, Ongoing)

I-10 Multimodal Corridor Profile Study (Phoenix to the Arizona/California border, expected completion late 2012)

I-10/Hassayampa Valley Transportation Framework Study (Maricopa County, 2007)

I-8 and I-10/Hidden Valley Transportation Framework Study (Maricopa and Pinal Counties, 2009)

Logistics Capacity Study of the Guaymas-Tucson Corridor (Tucson to Guaymas, 2006)

North America Next: North American Opportunities and the Sun Corridor (Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties, 2009)

Pinal County Corridor Definition Study (Pinal County, 2007)

North-South Corridor Study (Pinal County, Ongoing)

Regional Transportation Plan (Pinal and Gila Counties, Ongoing)

Regional Transportation Plan (Maricopa County, ongoing)

Regionally Significant Routes for Safety and Mobility (Pinal County, ongoing)

Southern Pinal / Northern Pima Corridor Definition Study (Pinal and Pima Counties, 2008)

US 93 Corridor Area Plan (Northern Arizona, 2009)

US 93 corridor improvements – Arizona (Northern Arizona, Ongoing)

What Moves You Arizona -  Long Range Transportation Plan (Statewide Arizona, 2011)



Sondra Rosenberg, PTP
Nevada Department of Transportation
1263 S. Stewart St.
Carson City, NV 89712

Michael Kies, PE
Arizona Department of Transportation
206 S. 17th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007