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Interstate 11 Corridor Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, Nogales to Wickenburg
Interstate 11 Corridor Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, Nogales to Wickenburg


The ASR and Tier 1 EIS studies will take approximately three years to complete. To initiate the project, public and agency scoping meetings were held to understand the scope of issues that need to be addressed during the study. The alternatives development phase of the study incorporates this scoping input to develop a wide range of alternatives, with the goal of narrowing them to a reasonable range to be studied further in the Tier 1 EIS. These alternatives should both represent public and agency input, as well as meet the corridor’s Purpose and Need. This process will be documented in the ASR.

The later half of the schedule works toward developing and finalizing the Tier 1 EIS. This includes detailed analysis of potential social, economic and environmental impacts of the proposed corridor options. The Draft Tier 1 EIS will document this evaluation process, identify a recommended corridor alternative and be presented to the public for review and comment. Based on the comments received, a Final Tier 1 EIS will be prepared outlining a preferred I-11 alternative and again after comment, a Record of Decision (ROD) will be issued by FHWA delineating a selected I-11 alternative.