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Interstate 11 Corridor Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, Nogales to Wickenburg
Interstate 11 Corridor Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, Nogales to Wickenburg

Study Groups

Pima County Stakeholder Engagement Meetings (Spring 2018)

FHWA and ADOT engaged the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) to facilitate a discussion regarding the Interstate 11 Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement Corridor Study in Pima County, to augment the ongoing public involvement effort.  The U.S. Institute conducted two sets of stakeholder engagement meetings (Group B and Group C/D, see I-11 Invitation Letter below) with the objective of facilitating additional productive Pima County community conversations to inform the I-11 Tier 1 EIS Corridor decision-making process.

The results of these group discussions are summarized in the I-11 Corridor Stakeholder Engagement Meetings report prepared by the U.S. Institute and provided to FHWA and ADOT for consideration in the I-11 Tier 1 EIS process.  Opportunities to provide public comments directly to the project team continue to be available at any time using various methods – please see  As with all public comments, the purpose of the stakeholder engagement meetings was not to “vote” for a preference, but rather to generate information and ideas that would help FHWA and ADOT in making the decision regarding a Selected Alternative – whether it’s a Build Corridor Alternative or a No-Build Alternative.

Two separate meeting groups (Group B and Group C/D), comprised of approximately 20 individuals each, explored discussions important to the communities surrounding the associated corridor options: B, C or D.  Each group met three times in March and April 2018.  In order to fill the group rosters, an I-11 Invitation Letter (see below) was circulated to 63 organizations in the Pima County area on December 12, 2017.  The list of 63 organizations was generated from the Tier 1 EIS interested stakeholders list previously collected during the last two years of the I-11 Tier 1 EIS Study.  In addition, the invitation letter requested that it be circulated to any other interested stakeholder organizations.

The final list of participating organizations is provided in the I-11 Interview Themes Final Document linked below.  All submitted nominations were accepted and the identified individuals were assigned to the group of their choice.

Interested individuals or organizations not participating in these groups were invited to follow along with the progress of the stakeholder engagement meetings and to submit their feedback in written form